Bulk Wine - Windgate Vineyards

Bulk Wine

Wine by Windgate’s experienced winemaking team can be yours to finish, bottle, and label. Most wines are made from our estate-grown grapes. Bulk wines have no residual sugar.

Wineries and winemakers purchasing bulk wine from Windgate should plan to bring their own containers to pick up at the winery.

For more information, call John Gbur at the winery weekdays at (814) 257-8797.

VarietyNotesGallons AvailablePrice/Gallon
Aurore 20173757.5
Aurore 20184638.5
Blackberry 201824918
Chambourcin 2015Oak aged608
Chambourcin 201678510
Chancellor 2014Oak aged3006
Chancellor 20151107
Chancellor 2016Oak aged3007
Concord 20172276.5
Concord 20185356.5
DeChaunac 2015Oak aged3007
Dechaunac 2016Oak aged3007
Dechaunac /Chancellor 20155206
Foch 20163107
Marquette 20163108
Niagara 201715.56.5
Niagara 20185516.5
Rosé - Chambourcin/Cabernet Franc 20187216
Rosé - Dechaunac/Foch/Chancellor 201721010
Rosé- Estate blend 20181,26510
Rosé - Marquette/Cascade 201721010
Rosé - Estate Blend 201715310
Seyval/Traminette 201751510
Seyval/Traminette 201867512.5
Vidal/Riesling 201752012